Famed ERGO Light

A bedside table with stepless height adjustment provides comfort and freedom for patients to eat, read or use electronic devices. The low profile of the base and single column design ensures compatibility with most hospital beds, delivery beds or wheelchairs on the market.


The lightweight construction based on a single column combined with four swivel castors with locking mechanism allows effortless manoeuvring of the table. The smooth texture of the materials used in manufacture makes it easy to disinfect and keep clean. Famed ERGO has a stable, flat top surface that is perfect for eating, writing, reading, working or using a laptop or tablet.


Ergo has been designed to make it as easy as possible to fit the table to a hospital bed, wheelchair or birthing bed. The ability to adjust the height of the table top between 795-1110 mm is performed using an intuitive lever located under the table top. This allows the table top to be adjusted to suit the height of the bed and the position in which the patient is positioned.


The table can be used both in hospital rooms and in care homes or patients’ homes. The low-profile base, single-column design and height-adjustable top position ensure compatibility with most hospital beds, delivery beds or wheelchairs on the market.

Table top height adjustable from 795 mm to 1110 mm
Profiled embossed top
Low base
Stable column
Wheels for easy manoeuvring
Tabletop height adjustment lever
Surface for easy disinfection

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