Famed SP-02.2

A simple hospital locker for storing patient belongings. Additional space for bottles or other items in the side wall of the cabinet provides even more storage. A large box with ventilation holes and an additional shelf, as well as a capacious drawer, will keep the patient’s personal items in order.


This model of hospital locker is made of steel profiles and galvanised sheet steel, which make an ideal combination with the plastic tabletop. We have equipped the drawer with a two-chamber ABS plastic insert and the cabinet box with an additional shelf for the patient’s personal items. Ergonomic wheels make it easy to position the locker in the hospital room, and a locking mechanism in two wheels ensures stability and prevents accidental changes of position.


The doors mounted on both sides of the locker and the double-sided drawer allow the locker to be positioned either on the left or right side of the bed.


It can be used in hospital rooms as well as in nursing homes or the patient’s home. The drawer and lockable cabinet allow storage of patient essentials, and the ABS shelf in the outer wall of the cabinet can be used to store bottles or items that the patient needs to have at hand.

Additional shelf for bottles or other patient items
Double-sided pull-out drawer
Double-sided bedside locker with side table top
Locking wheels
Table top made of plastic
Durable construction made of lacquered steel with pSilver™ technology

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