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What distinguishes us? We manufacture our products almost entirely in our own plant. Full control over the manufacturing process allows us to offer reliable and durable equipment of high quality.

Famed Żywiec is a leading European manufacturer of high quality medical equipment. In over 75 years of our history, we have supplied medical facilities with thousands of top-quality operating tables, hospital beds, treatment chairs and other equipment. Famed products are used by doctors in Poland and more than 110 countries around the world, in the most demanding markets and in the most difficult conditions.

We have built the strength of our brand based on the experience of Żywiec businesses and craftsmen who have specialised in this field since the 19th century. A key competitive advantage of Famed Żywiec in the dynamically developing medical industry is our qualified staff. Thanks to the commitment of a team of high-class specialists, supported by modern production equipment and unique technological solutions developed over the years, our products have an exceptional reputation, contributing to the improvement of the quality of medical care in Poland and in the world.

Since 2012, the brand has been managed by Famed Żywiec Sp. z o.o., whose investor is BHM Group, a private equity company.

Production in our own factory

We do not assemble products from ready-made components. We manufacture them from scratch - by matching and checking each element.

Over 99 percent of the production process takes place in our factory in Żywiec. Thanks to this we have full control over the quality of our products. Our specialists are masters in the processing of metal and plastic components, and many years of experience pay off with maximum precision.

Sprzęt medyczny wyprodukowany w Polsce – Famed Żywiec
Laboratorium badawcze – Famed Żywiec

Our own laboratory guarantees quality

The components, manufactured internally and obtained from local partners, are subjected to detailed tests in the company's laboratory. Every one of them! Even single screws or stickers.

The consistent maintenance of high standards of care for the quality of materials allows us to state with full responsibility that our products are reliable.

A medical device can consist of several thousand elements. Every material used to manufacture our products undergoes strict control in several departments of quality. This applies to individual foam elements, screws, steel components or even individual stickers or screw plugs. Get familiar with our standards: watch the film about disinfection procedures, see laboratory presentation, read the opinions of experts.

Over 75 years of implementing breakthrough solutions

Our Research and Development Department is a true safe vault where we keep the research results, experience and prototypes accumulated over the years.

Decide what you want your hospital beds, treatment chairs or operating tables to look like. Our R&D engineers make every effort to ensure that our products meet the most sophisticated expectations. When introducing newly developed products or modifying the existing models, we strive to meet the requirements of our Clients while maintaining highest standards. Famed Żywiec cooperates with medical centres from Poland and abroad in order to constantly adapt our products to market trends and the latest scientific discoveries. You can be a part of this process – contact us!

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Famed employs several hundred people in the production and assembly departments. Every day, based on the internally developed and unique manufacturing technologies, we execute several dozen groups of production processes in our factory. We invite you to visit our plant in Żywiec, where the best Polish medical devices have been created for years.

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To experience is to believe. We are happy to provide our products for testing so that the potential user can see their benefits before making the decision to purchase.

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