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Famed Żywiec Sp. z o.o. is a leading European manufacturer of high quality medical equipment. We specialize in the production of beds for Intensive Care Units, operating tables, trolleys for patient transfer, labour beds, treatment chairs and surgical lights.

Innovative designs and striving for reliability of Famed products directly contribute to the improvement of the quality of medical care for patients in Poland and in the world.

Famed Żywiec, and companies based on which we have built our strength and brand, combine over 140 years of experience in the production of metal products in Żywiec, a town located in southern Poland. As a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment for the past 72 years, Famed is now an important supplier for foreign partners. Highly qualified staff is a key competitive advantage in today’s dynamically growing medical industry.

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Our values

A candidate who would like to work for one of the oldest medical brands in the world should have the following characteristics:

  • Openness and willingness to dialogue – we value a positive approach and braveness for the challenges that we face with full cooperation with other employees.
  • Responsibility – each of us is responsible for the success of Famed Żywiec.
  • Proactivity – the desire to have a real influence on the way the company operates – we want everyone to strive for the continuous development of the Famed brand.
  • Self-education – continuous improvement of your qualifications, broadening your interests, horizons, raising product awareness.
  • Caring for the value of the company – every employee of the company is responsible for its image and condition, our joint activities are the best way to provide a stable workplace for you and your colleagues.

Global scale of operation

We have acquired experience on every continent, we have sold equipment to almost all countries in the world

Famed Żywiec operates globally thanks to its many years of experience and a range of products that covers various areas of medicine. Famed Żywiec is also known for legendary quality of our products, which provides our brand with high degree of recognition and builds trust. Famed Żywiec has a portfolio that covers every continent in the world. Our logistics department faces the challenge of organizing the timely delivery of our products to such countries as the US, China, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Kenya, etc.

Firma medyczna o zasięgu globalnym

Rich history

We have been operating in the medical industry since 1947. It's over 7 decades of experience and tradition - it's our heritage.

Famed and companies based on which we have built our strength and brand, have over 140 years of experience in the production of metal products in Żywiec, a town located in southern Poland. As a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment, Famed is now an important supplier for foreign partners, mainly due to high quality and a wide range of product customization options. 73 years of experience is our heritage, of which we are very proud. It means care for our employees and the image of the plant. It means building a local company with a global brand. This is what Famed Żywiec means to us.

Experienced employees

Famed Żywiec employs over 300 people and many of our employees are people with decades of experience.

We often use the knowledge of our most experienced employees in the training of young people who are just starting their careers. The combination of experience and fresh perspective results in improvements, new ideas and an alternative approach to solving problems that we encounter in our work. Famed Żywiec employs over 300 people in several main departments of the administration and technology divisions as well as over a dozen production departments. We also have our own service department, logistics department and internal research laboratories.

Famed Żywiec – ludzie to podstawa

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To experience is to believe. We are happy to provide our products for testing so that the potential user can see their benefits before making the decision to purchase.

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