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Each employee of our service department receives training based on several decades of our practical experience in the medical branch.

Famed Żywiec service has acquired its expertise during fieldwork, service visits, but it is also very important to be constantly involved in the process of medical device production – thanks to this, our service staff can match world standards and best practices. For many years, we have provided Polish and foreign companies with comprehensive service, which helps our Clients perform their work.


Wide range of services

Comprehensive offer and instant response

Famed Żywiec Service Department provides comprehensive handling of your service requests, which help maintain our products in ideal condition. Our offer includes:

  • Periodical warranty and post-warranty inspections of medical devices
  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs of medical devices
  • Personnel training in Famed product operation and maintenance
  • Electric safety test according to PN EN 62353

Why Famed Żywiec service?

Choose the manufacturer's service and ensure yourself professional support.

  • Your medical devices deserve professional technical care.
  • Our skills and knowledge guarantee that your operating tables and medical beds will be repaired according to the highest standards.
  • We have complete technical documentation, user manuals, service instructions, and specialized tools and measuring devices.
  • We travel to any location in Poland and provide professional service support in all countries where our equipment is present.

Naprawa gwarancyjna Famed ŻywiecPeriodical warranty and post-warranty inspections of medical devices.
Even the best products require specialist, periodical inspection in order to ensure their reliability and long-term fault-free operation. The Act of 20.05.2010 on Medical Devices, art. 90 item 1 recommends annual inspections of medical devices to ensure safe usage for patients and operators.

Naprawy serwisowe urządzeń medycznych Famed ŻywiecWarranty and post-warranty repairs of medical devices.
Only Famed Żywiec Service guarantees professional repair of the equipment. We offer warranty and post-warranty service. We use only original spare parts in our repairs. Famed Żywiec service staff are high class specialists, who guarantee the highest level of services. For your convenience we have provided an interactive service application below.

Szkolenia ze sprzętu medycznego Famed ŻywiecPersonnel training in Famed product operation and maintenance.
The products with Famed Żywiec logo are famous for their long service life. To optimise their use it is important for the new members of medical personnel to be trained in device operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. This will facilitate the reduction of maintenance costs and the need for new device purchasing.

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