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A newborn baby bed Famed OVO 2 allows for uninterrupted contact between mother and baby from the first moments of the infant’s life. The proximity is provided by a removable bed tub made of transparent plastic and a low base that allows you to drive it under the hospital bed, very close to the mother. Height adjustment makes it possible to safely adjust both the newborn bed and the hospital bed. The bed has the option of setting the Trendelenburg / reverse-Trendelenburg position.



Famed OVO 2 is a bed cot for newborns, which, thanks to its design, allows a mother and a child to have maximum closeness from the first moments, and also gives a sense of comfort and safety. The base goes under the bed, so the child is very close to the mother, ensuring uninterrupted eye contact from the first moments


Simple and effective design perfectly combines with functionality, safety and ease of cleaning (key mechanisms are hidden in the construction or under plastic elements) and resistance to disinfectants. Wheels with a diameter of 75 mm allow you to gently cross the hospital corridors, all of them have individual locks.


Comfortable, gas spring assisted height adjustment allows you to adjust the bed cot to the current setting of the hospital bed. With a quick hand movement, you can also tilt the tub at an angle of 12°. A version with a gas spring adjustable tub tilt is also available.

Individual castors lock
Height regulation lever
Height regulation with gas spring assist
Tilting regulated manually
Plastic, see-through crib makes it possible to obserce the child and maintain contact
Waterproof, comfortable mattress
Easy to clean plastic cover
Optional gas spring to regulate the tilts of the bed
Basket for small personal belongings


The thoughtful design ensures the safety from the very first moments of the baby’s life.
Trendelenburg / reversse-Trendelenburg
Safe mattress
Wheels lock
Full visibility
Smooth height adjustment

Trendelenburg / reversse-Trendelenburg

Fast hand movement and stable, fixed support sets the tub  at an angle of 12 °. Optionally, it is possible to order a version with tub tilt adjustment, which we operate using a gas spring with a block.


Safe mattress

The mattress is completely waterproof, so there is no risk of liquids penetrating it. The softness of the foam is optimally chosen for the weight of newborns, and the material from which we sew the cover is free of harmful substances to not cause irritation or allergic reactions.


Wheels lock

The 75 mm diameter wheels easily overcome obstacles in the hospital corridors, and have individual locks for high stability, even when the crib is at the maximum height.


Full visibility

The crib has a tub made of clear plastic that allows you to monitor your child from any angle. This reduces the risk of missing the situation when the child requires urgent intervention by the staff.


Smooth height adjustment

The height of the tub in OVO 2 is regulated by releasing the block and the gas spring, which is located in the enclosed column. Thanks to it, the process takes place gently and smoothly.



OVO 2 is fully compatible with all Famed Żywiec beds and most products on the market.

The low base allows you to ride under every hospital bed. The low base allows you to ride under the hospital bed, and the height adjustment of the bed provides safe conditions for placing the child on the mother’s bed or in the opposite direction



Depending on the configuration, the crib has various accessories or solutions.
Manual tilt adjustment
Gas assisted tilts
Basket shelf for accessories

Manual tilt adjustment

To set the tub at an angle of 12 °, all you need to do is move your hand and move the specially profiled, stable handle. Tilt adjustment assisted with a gas spring.


Gas assisted tilts

Optionally, the tub tilt can be adjusted with a gas spring with a lock. It is located at the front of the bed and is very intuitive to use.


Basket shelf for accessories

The set includes a basket shelf for small items that should be close to the child and be readily available for the staff or the mother.


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Length 814 mm
Width (overall) 476 mm
Minimum height 925 mm
Maximum height 1225 mm
Trendelenburg position 12°
Reverse-Trendelenburg position 12°
Maximum load 10 kg

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