In 2022, Polish hospitals were most likely to order Polish operating tables

In 2022, Polish hospitals were most likely to order Polish operating tables


Almost every third table ordered in Poland in last year in public tenders was delivered by Famed Żywiec. The trust of domestic customers and the increase in exports, in particular in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, contributed to the good sales results of the manufacturer from Żywiec. Its sales revenue increased by 8%, compared to 2021.

The most frequently selected brand in public tenders*, next to Famed Żywiec, were the American HillRom (Baxter group) and the Swedish brand Getinge (Maquet group). The share of Żywiec brand products is 28.7 percent. Famed, HillRom and Getinge were responsible for deliver of approx. 70 percents of operating tables.

– Reaching the leading position in the public sector in Poland is a confirmation of trust in the quality and functionality of our products. The success is even greater because we have surpassed the world’s market leaders. We prove that an independent manufacturer, if guided by a thoughtful approach, has a chance to successfully compete with global tycoons – comments Marek Suczyk, vice president of Famed Żywiec. – In recent years, we have also achieved good results in this respect, ranking on the podium of annual rankings. Nevertheless, the first position is a great result and a nice surprise at the same time – he adds.


In the product group of operating tables, the Famed OPTIMA model was the most frequently ordered by Famed’s customers (public and private, both in Poland and abroad), whose sales increased by 1/2 year on year 3. Optima is a highly functional table, and thanks to its compatibility with specialist accessories manufactured and offered by Famed, it meets the requirements of many specialties, e.g. orthopaedics, traumatology, neurology or urology.

– Previously, the Famed SU-03 economic table was number one. Last year’s sales of both models brought more than half of the revenue of the entire product group. This change creates a good perspective. Optima is a technologically advanced product that, together with accessories, allows us to offer comprehensive solutions. This model of operation is one of the current trends in the medical industry, which was emphasized by doctors from around the world with whom we spoke during Arab Health 2023 – adds Marek Suczyk.

In the hospital bed segment, 3/4 of sales globally were the Famed NEXO model. For several years it has been the best-selling Polish hospital bed. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was ordered even more often, and with the spread of the SarsCov2 virus, orders for this equipment came from even more countries.

Last year was another year in which Europe’s leading manufacturer of medical equipment recorded growth, and another in which his budget assumptions were exceeded. Sales revenues exceeded PLN 93.5 million, which is an increase of over PLN 7 million (8%) year to year.

We maintained profitability at a relatively high level, both in terms of EBITDA and net profit. Despite high inflation, we managed to avoid an excessive increase in both production and administrative costs – comments Paweł Tomala, Vice President and CFO of Famed Żywiec.

Last year, the company recorded over 30 percent. increase in sales in the basic product groups – operating tables and beds. Poland invariably remains the best market for Famed, and the company from Żywiec generates about 1/3 of its revenues there. In total, a greater increase was achieved in exports to 113 countries, the largest sale – 46 percent. total sales in 2022 – recording in Europe (CEE, EC, CIS regions).

This result was achieved despite the decision taken in spring to stop cooperation with distributors from Russia. Famed has been actively involved in helping Ukraine and maintains commercial contacts with partners in this country. Outside Europe, the largest, almost two-fold increase in revenues was recorded in the Far East region, mainly due to contracts completed in Pakistan, China, India and Thailand.

A strong performance in Europe is very important to us. After the pandemic, we focused our strategy even more strongly on this region. The motivation was the desire to become independent of market fluctuations resulting from the phenomena we are currently dealing with on a macro scale, e.g. closing countries to foreign products or high logistics costs. One of our main pillars remains the region of Central Europe with the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the forefront. We have started direct sales in both countries – comments Marek Suczyk.

The challenge Famed wants to face in 2023 is the potential of Latin America. The equipment is delivered there by sea (due to the lower cost, which remains with the supplier). Delivery, as well as the production of equipment, takes an average of several weeks, and most ordering parties require that the product reach the recipient within 4 to 6 weeks. Despite these challenges, Famed carries out orders for customers from the LATAM region, although in 2022 sales there provided only 4 percent. the company’s revenues on this account.

Since January, we have been actively working to change this state of affairs. We opened a representative office in Colombia, which is Famed’s bridgehead for expansion in a part of the world with great potential. Our aspirations reach the forefront of global business in the segments of hospital beds and operating tables, and the way to this goal leads, among others, to through the markets of South American countries – sums up Marek Suczyk.

* Own study based on the Bulletin of Grupa Biznes Polska, reflecting approx. 90% of public tenders in the segment of general surgical operating tables, made in Poland. It does not include proceedings concerning products with a narrow specialization, e.g. for limb lifts or the so-called system tables.

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