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Marcin Dobrowolski’s guest on Biznes24TV was Marek Suczyk, Vice-President of Famed Żywiec, who talks about how the company handled itself during the pandemic and outlines its strategies for the coming months. The vice-president commented on our company’s financial results for 2020. As a leading European medical equipment manufacturer, we delivered several thousand hospital beds to facilities around the world to help doctors fight the coronavirus.

– It’s been a pretty good business year, despite the challenges we faced concerned with the pandemic. We recorded an increase of over 25% . More than it has been expected and more than we recorded in previous years – he said.

Another aspect was the geographical structure of revenues. Famed Żywiec generated its revenues on the Polish market (approx. 1/3) but most of them on foreign markets. Leading markets for the export are Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan or Palestine) and China.  Also, Russia plays an increasingly important role. It is another market where Famed achieved an extremely satisfactory result (+ 93% increase in sales).

Conversation was also devoted to hospital beds – the most frequently mentioned medical products during the past several months. In 2020, Famed Żywiec recorded an almost 2x (+97%) increase in the number of beds delivered to hospitals in Poland and abroad. Moreover Marek Suczyk commented the forecasts for the coming months. He pointed out the expectation that operating tables segment would return to the pre-pandemic state. This market is the most important part of the business for our company.

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