500 hospital beds for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

500 hospital beds for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

We got it, Famed Zywiec will deliver hospital beds for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Under the contract, we will deliver 500 beds with functionality tailored to the needs of intensive care units to nearly 40 national hospitals by the end of December 2020. The first units have already been delivered to facilities in Gdansk, Chrzanow, Tarnowskie Gory, Srem and Knurów. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 3,000 beds from the Zywiec company have been delivered to hospitals in Poland and abroad to support medical personnel in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the equipment has been used in field hospitals.

We are pleased that once again we can help Polish hospitals. We also appreciate the recognition from the WOŚP Foundation, a partner with an established brand, which once again chooses to order our proven equipment. Our production is carried out on the basis of our own resources, so we can comprehensively supply hospitals in the shortest possible time. During the spring lockdown, we continuously delivered equipment to domestic and foreign customers. Currently, we are also prepared to fulfill new orders. In the spring, we launched a production line of Famed Nexo hospital beds, thanks to which we have significantly increased production capacity. Importantly, the functionality of this equipment meets the requirements of intensive care units.

The equipment will be donated to newly created hospital wards aimed at fighting Covid-19. Since the beginning of our cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we have already delivered more than 50 units of the equipment, which is manufactured on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the NEXO bed production line, which was launched this spring, we have the ability to produce several hundred units of it per month. As part of the contract, users of the equipment will also be trained in its use, which will be carried out in a form adapted to current sanitary strictures. In the context of the pandemic state, it is also important to note that the hospital beds manufactured in Zywiec are equipped with antiseptic technology to reduce the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Since the beginning of the year, we have delivered a total of 3,000 hospital beds to customers in more than a dozen countries. In addition to domestic hospitals as well as local governments and government bodies, they were ordered by customers from China, Italy, Spain, Palestine, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, among others. Some have found use in field hospitals – such as the equipment that went to Iraq and Syria as part of contracts carried out for the World Health Organization (WHO).

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