The medical equipment of the polish manufacturer is already helping in 100 countries around the world

The medical equipment of the polish manufacturer is already helping in 100 countries around the world


Uzbekistan, South Africa and Bangladesh have joined the ranks of the hospitals with the facilities of the Famed Żywiec hospital tables and beds. The number of countries to which Famed supplies his medical equipment has thus increased to a symbolic hundred. The first effects of the Żywiec company strengthen its presence in China, where it acquired its distributor in spring. The manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for the medical sector expects to beat last year’s record sales and market number 1 for business growth will be the measure.

– In 2018, our sales reached a level of 56 million zloty. We expect that, despite the worsening economic situation on the world and national markets, we will be able to break this record. This is a key issue for your business as it will generate capital for investment and further dynamic growth. We plan to strengthen our position intensively in Central Europe and the Balkans. Of course, the Chinese market, where we feel the first effects of the capital commitment, remains of particular interest in our area of interest. On the other hand, in the area of technological innovation, we will continue to place e.g. on carbon. -We are a pioneer in the use of this material in medicine, and this is also a success because the market appreciates the dedicated radiology solutions that we have proposed, – Tomasz Rycak says, President of Famed Żywiec.

The Famed Flare operating tables and the reliable SU-03 and SU-05 models have been sent to Uzbekistan, South Africa and Bangladesh. The Famed Flare bed has the world’s best X-ray transmission*, providing the reduced dose needed to obtain X-ray images. This improves patient and physician safety while maintaining optimal image quality for easier interpretation. The Famed table for medical imaging and minimally invasive surgery has already been placed in medical facilities on several continents of to the University Hospital in Tenerife. Previously complicated minimally invasive surgery procedures were postponed by hospital staff.

In May, Famed finalized the acquisition of FAM(Beijing) Medical Technology, his exclusive distributor, which in 2004 launched the Polish brand on the market there.

In December this year, Famed was named Green Factory of the year (awarded ex aequo with Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland in Jaworze), recognizing the activities implemented by the company in the Area of the Circular Economy and Cleaner Production.