Patient positioning in gynaecology and urology

Patient positioning in gynaecology and urology

On April 18, we checked in at the Mercure Hotel in Wroclaw, where we had the pleasure of organizing a training course for medical personnel on patient positioning. This is the first of the trainings planned for this year. We will keep you posted on future dates and subjects, and in the meantime we invite you to read the details of the past event.

Another meeting of the training series devoted to patient positioning is behind us. This time we focused on gynecology and urology. Participants of the meeting in Wrocław could get acquainted with practical information on the positioning of patients on #FamedŻywiec operating tables with the use of our accessories. The meeting was led by an experienced, operating and endoscopic nurse. Although during the presentations and accompanying discussions we mainly talked about patient positioning on the operating table, there were also references to our gynecological chairs, as well as delivery and hospital beds.

Such meetings are an excellent forum for exchanging thoughts and experiences, allowing us to get to know the perspective of the medical staff who work with the equipment on a daily basis. Ultimately, this translates into the implementation of solutions that improve functionality and the creation of new products. All with the aim of making the work of the medical staff as comfortable and effective as possible.

We would like to thank all participants for their extremely valuable comments. We invite you to participate in the next editions of the workshop and will inform you about the details.