The polish company has made a medical imaging table safer for patients

The polish company has made a medical imaging table safer for patients


The table for medical imaging and minimally invasive surgery, which allows you to use less radiation to take an X-ray image, was created by Famed Żywiec. The tool has already been tested at Grochowska Hospital in Warsaw.

What are the advantages of the solution developed by the Polish company?

– The table will help e.g. to improve the working environment of surgeons and radiologists who, despite the limited radiation dose, will still enjoy clear, noise-free images. (…) the good quality of radiographs increases the chance of making an accurate diagnosis,» — Michał Grossy said, of Famed Zywiec.

The reduction in radiation dose reduces the risk of radiation-related lesions in doctors and nurses, which is a result of frequent radiation exposure. The table top has the world’s best X-ray transmission parameter. The result achieved is better than that achieved by the Scandinavian manufacturer, the so-far leader in this field. It is based on composite technologies using aerospace and military materials.

nowy stół do obrazowania medycznego

The table was tested at Grochowski Hospital in Warsaw. The team, under the direction of Prof. Dr. hab. N. med. Piotr Kułakowski, conducted a number of cardiac operations and procedures on the site of, to vaccinate stimulators and defibrillators.

– Our comparison experiment confirmed that imaging on the Famed Flare table required a lower radiation dose than another model that was the subject of comparison. (…).What is important is the impression that the reduced table fertility and reduced radiation dose did not interfere with the quality of X-ray images» – prof. dr Professor Piotr Kułakowski explained.

Famed Żywiec has been active in the medical industry since 1947. The company specializes in the production of operating tables, intensive care beds, patient carts, childbirth beds and treatment seats. It supplies equipment to domestic customers and exports to more than 80 countries. In 2017, a year-on-year domestic sales increased by more than 50 percent year-on-year sales of the operating tables generate on average about 40 percent of the company’s revenues.


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