Famed Żywiec: 500 hospital beds for Great Christmas Charity Orchistra

Famed Żywiec: 500 hospital beds for Great Christmas Charity Orchistra


Famed Żywiec will make a delivery for the great Christmas Charity Orchestra. By the end of December 2020, the contract will progressively deliver 500 beds of capacity adapted to intensive care units to nearly 40 national hospitals. The first copies have already been transferred to the facilities in Gdańsk, Chrzanów, Tarnowskie Góry, Śrem and Knurów. From the beginning of the year, a total of 3 000 beds of the company were sent to hospitals in Poland and abroad, which support medical staff in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Some equipment has been used in field hospitals.

– For several weeks, we have received worrying information about moving beds from other units (m.in. geriatric) to Covid-19 troops. We decided as a Foundation to support hospitals that were often left alone, while at the same time ensuring continuity of treatment for people with health problems other than coronavirus, and to buy the necessary beds. In the current situation,  we had to make sure that the equipment we buy will not only be of the highest class, but also that it will be delivered almost immediately,- Anna Jadwiga Orzech says, press spokeswoman of the WOŚP Foundation.

— We are delighted to help Polish hospitals once again. We also appreciate the recognition of the WOŚP Foundation, a partner of a recognized brand, who once again decides to order our proven equipment. Famed Żywiec is producing in the country, based on his own resources. This allows us to supply hospitals in a comprehensive manner as quickly as possible. During the spring lock we have continuously supplied equipment to domestic and foreign customers. We are now also prepared to fulfill new orders. In spring, we launched the factory line for Famed Nexo hospital beds, which has significantly increased our capacity. -What’s more important the functionality of this equipment meets the needs of intensive care units —   Marek Suczyk says, Vice President of the Famed Żywiec.

Under the Famed contract, Żywiec will provide the WOŚP Foundation 400 bed of the Famed Nexo and 100 beds of Famed NANO. Both types of hospital beds are suitable for use in hospital ICU.

– The Famed NANO beds are a strict model dedicated to intensive care units. Allows for an out-of-patient treatment, which is to change the patient position according to medical indications. This helps to prevent e.g.  being able to cause respiratory inflammation, which is often caused by prolonged exposure to the ventilator. The column design allows for easy use of the mobile X-ray system to minimize patient loading. This means that the person in heavy condition does not have to be transported to an X-ray examination. Therefore, you avoid extra load. This is just a example of the equipment functionality that will be provided to the WOŚP, explains Michał Grossy, Product Manager, and Famed Nexus is designed for hospital rooms and long-term care units. However, their functionality also meets the needs of more demanding hospital environments, including intensive care units,- adds Michal Grossy.

The equipment will be transferred  to the newly established hospital departments to fight Covid-19. From the date of the cooperation with the WOŚP, Famed has already supplied more than 50 units of equipment to its customers, which is produced on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the NEXO bed production line launched in spring, the nutritional company has the ability to produce several hundred copies per month. Under the agreement, users of the equipment will also be trained in its operation, which will be implemented in a form adapted to the sanitary restrictions in force. In the context of the pandemic situation, it is also important that the beds produced in Żywcu are equipped with antiseptic technology to limit the multiplication of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Since the beginning of the year, the Żywiec company has transferred to customers in several countries a total of 3,000 hospital beds. In addition to the national hospitals and the local authorities and government authorities, they were ordered by m.in. customers from China, Italy, Spain, Palestine, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Part has been used in field hospitals – for example, equipment that has been placed in Iraq or Syria under World Health Organization (WHO) contracts.

In 2018-2019, Famed provided over 4,000 hospital beds and delivery beds to hospitals. In this number most orders relate to the named Nexo, the best-selling Polish hospital bed.

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