Diablak Beskid Extreme Triathlon with the participation of Famed Żywiec

Diablak Beskid Extreme Triathlon with the participation of Famed Żywiec

For fans of extreme sports, the Zywiec Beskid has something more to offer than mountains, forests, beautiful views or Zywieckie Lake. And all this thanks to the Diablak Beskid Extreme Triathlon — one of the toughest competitions of the Iron Man series in Poland. This year, Rober Wrzochalski, Key Account Manager of Famed Żywiec, also registered at the starting line.

For many people, competitions of this type are a battle with their own weaknesses and with their heads, where the biggest battle takes place. When the muscles already refuse to obey, it is the head that motivates them to continue working and often determines the outcome of the race.

Nearly 2 km of swimming in the cold waters of Lake Zywiec, 50 km of cycling on the most difficult Beskid trails and 10 km of cross-country running — this is what Robert had to face before he ran across the finish line with a smile on his face. Because it is this feeling of joy accompanying the completion of the race that is the greatest reward for the effort put into the preparation and the start itself.

Robert is an experienced athlete, a multiple medalist at the Polish Championships in the 200- and 400-meter runs, he is also a leading figure in national competitions at these distances, as well as a participant in the Junior World Championships in Seoul. He is one of the few people from Team Famed Żywiec who can boast his own Wikipedia bookmark. He started his adventure with triathlon 9 years ago and since then he has been successively competing in Iron Man competitions organized, among others, by the World Triathlon Corporation at a distance of 3.86 km of swimming, 180.2 km of cycling and 42.195 km of running.

-What I like most about triathlon is the diversity. For me, as an athlete, it is an interesting combination of different types of activities. Today I can say that I can’t imagine life without sports and it’s him.

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