CMEF Shanghai 2019

CMEF Shanghai 2019

China International Medical Equipment Fair with Famed share

In May took place one of the most important events for us — 81st edition China International Medical Equipment Fair. These, organized for 40 years, fair is dedicate a medical technology and medical equipment. This international event attract over 7000 producers of medical equipment form over 30 countries, who present their solutions to nearly 200 000 visitors.

The decision about Famed participation on this prestigious event was natural for us. China is a market with enormous potential, where Famed has its share. Our operating tables, hospital beds, delivery beds, trolleys for patient transport or medical imaging tables are present in most Chinese province and autonomous regions. China International Medical Equipment Fair was an excellent opportunity to establishing business relations and exchange of substantive insight. Increasing numbers of doctors from China decide to use our solutions due to their innovativeness, quality and professionalism.

During the China International Medical Equipment Fair we presented our operating table Famed Hyperion, maternity bed Famed Freya and hospital bed Famed NEXO. Our imaging table Famed Flare, equipped with ultra-thin, fully transparent, floating tabletop made of carbon fiber with the TotalClearTM, was also very popular. Our solutions guarantee very high quality images and the highest translucency parameter on the market that help to reduce radiation dose transmitted to the patient and medical personnel.




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