Everything for life

Everything for life


The overhaul has been completed. In Bytom, the Silesian Center of Perinatology, Gynecology and Fetal Surgery was opened. On Friday the new part of the hospital can be visited.

– Looking at the investment made and how this building looked before we took up this task, it can be said that everything is possible in our lives and, if it is not possible, it is enough to spend a little more time on it, and we have done that, —Kornelia Cieśla, Chief Executive of the special hospital 2 in Bytom, to which the new center belongs.

It was founded on the Department of the Clinical Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Oncology Gynecology and the Department of Neonatal.

Our aim was to create conditions for patients and their families so that the mood that often accompanies a busy, stressful stay in the hospital was filled with an atmosphere of joy, calm and trust, —  K. Cieśla stressed.

The center was set up in place of the old block 5A and was connected with a link to blocks 5 and 6. 12 double rooms and a single room with separate bathrooms are available for patients. The rooms have a special newborn room and a modern cot on the wheels to allow your baby to stay with the mum. The maternity ward is equipped with massage seats to relieve the pain of childbirth. In addition, all delivery and postpartum rooms have a separate trakt for accompanying persons. Also, the operating block on the top floor has been equipped with modern facilities.

The hospital upgrade was conducted to take into account patient comfort. The interior is designed in warm tones, which are combined with harmony and security.

Prof. Dr hab, n.med. Anita Olejek, head of the center, presented the results of the clinic. It is the center of the third degree of referency in Silesia Province, which receives patients with the highest degree of pregnancy pathology.

—  Our actions are intended to encourage women to undergo therapy, to treat children, not to end pregnancy sooner because of concerns about what will be with the child after birth,- Anita Olejek stressed.

– The human good is the highest right. That is why I am pleased and congratulate the whole team, because how many people with sensitive hearts and conscitions have put their efforts and their good here! —bp Gerard Kusz said, who dedicated the center.

On Friday 25 November, the so-called Open Day of the New Center will take place. From 10 a.m. to 12 noon, future parents and all interested in the new facility can visit the premises, check the local and sanitary conditions and find out about the many technological developments used.

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