Uninterrupted delivery of ICU beds to hospitals

Uninterrupted delivery of ICU beds to hospitals

According to the Government Administration, temporary hospitals will be established in each state. Currently, the local authorities in Boleslawiec are carrying out a project for building a modular hospital. The facility is to be put into service in October and the investment process will take several months in total. The base of each hospital unit is beds whose functionality must be adapted to the needs of a specific hospital environment. The field hospital equipment should also include m.in. patient carts and the treatment couch. The continued supply of medical equipment that supports medical staff in the fight against the effects of a pandemic is provided by Famed Żywiec. This year, 3,000 beds of the company were sent to hospitals. Some of the equipment ordered was used in field hospitals.

– Famed Żywiec is producing in the country, based on his own resources. We are very little dependant on the difficulties that may arise in terms of interruption of the supply chain. During the spring summit of the pandemic and Lockdown, we continuously provided equipment to domestic and foreign customers. We are also prepared to fulfill new orders. In spring, we launched a hospital bed production line, which increased our capacity. They allow us to produce a total of 3,000 Famed Nexo beds at the time of the investment in Boleslawiec. Importantly, their functionality meets the needs of intensive care units. In practice this means that several hundred copies can be produced per month,-  Marek Suczyk says , Vice President of the Famed Żywiec. “it is a separate matter to provide personnel, but modern equipment is easier to use and a good ICU bed can be operated by one person,- he adds.

ICU beds offer much wider functionality than standard features, making it easier to diagnose and monitor patients. They must have stability, a greater number of possible adjustments and positions. They have a number of design features to position the patient and indicate the optimal back-rest inclination to prevent e.g. from respiratory inflammation, which often results from prolonged under the ventilator. It is important that X-ray is transparent, as lung diseases are diagnosed very often using a mobile X-ray system.

– Beds are designed to be handled, such as for positioning, unconscious patient, cleaning, or disinfecting equipment, with the minimum number of persons required. For example, lateral tilt functionality means that only one person must be present when the bed is equipped with the couch, instead of two or three persons. This means not only optimal use of human resources, but also a reduction in the spread of infections,»  Michał Grossy says, Marketing and Product Manager Famed Żywiec.

The hospital beds produced in Żywiec are equipped with antiseptic technology to reduce the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

This year, 3 000 beds from the manufacturer of comprehensive medical solutions supporting medical staff in the fight against Covid-19 have reached several dozen countries. Along with national hospitals, local authorities and government authorities, the beds of Famedu ordered m.in. customers from China, Italy, Spain, Palestine, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Part has been used in field hospitals – for example, equipment that has been transferred to Iraq or Syria under World Health Organization (WHO) contracts.

In 2018-2019, Famed provided over 4,000 hospital beds and delivery beds to hospitals. In this number most orders relate to the Famed Nexo, the best-selling Polish hospital bed. In view of the growing interest, the company decided to invest in the new Nexo production line, which was put into service in spring.

– Thanks to the investment, we can supply hospitals as quickly as possible and time is now crucial. We can continue to deliver the quality equipment we expect to provide to our staff to meet the needs of our intensive care units. Note that for «from scratch» orders, the entire operation, i.e., configuration, manufacturing, delivery and installation, takes time. Of course, you can use proven configurations to shorten the process. However, you have to be aware that this equipment will be used for several years, so it is worth planning its functionality for this period,-  Marek Suczyk concludes, Vice President of the Famed Żywiec.