Ukrainian health sector needs support – poles help

Ukrainian health sector needs support – poles help


The hostilities significantly limited the availability of medical equipment in Ukraine. On the one hand, the demand for operating tables, hospital beds and other medical devices is huge, and at the same time, access to them is more difficult, e.g. due to limited financial resources and difficult logistics. An important element of support is money and material help provided by non-governmental organizations, companies and individuals. Such assistance is provided by Polish entities that continue trade relations with Ukraine.

Nearly thirty Famed Żywiec operating tables have been delivered to hospitals in several Ukrainian cities in recent months. The Polish manufacturer of medical equipment maintains a partner network in Ukraine and participates in industry events held in this country.

Polish President, Mr. Andrzej Duda and Volodymyr Zelensky discussed the matter of the reconstruction of the destroyed country on the occasion of the April visit the President of Ukraine to Warsaw. As indicated by the World Bank, the most urgent intervention is required by transport, housing and energy infrastructure, but the healthcare sector also needs help. A report by “Doctors Without Borders”* published in March 2023* stated: «What our organization’s teams have witnessed can be called a systemic destruction: homes, shops, playgrounds, schools and hospitals, reduced to rubble by relentless bombing and shelling.» Due to the destruction, the conditions in which Ukrainian doctors work, especially in areas of the country affected by military operations, can be very difficult. The infrastructure of buildings destroyed by Russian attacks, damaged or looted equipment and power outages are the everyday reality they face.

Now, more than ever before, Ukraine needs support and good quality medical equipment – comments Ksenia Valter, product manager at Protech Solutions from Kyiv.

producent sprzętu medycznego

The company has been cooperating with Famed Żywiec for years. Its Polish partner fulfills orders for Ukraine with additional – donated – products. Last year, the producer from Żywiec was also involved in an aid project implemented by the Polish Medical Mission. The total worth of medical equipment that has already been delivered to hospitals in Ukraine – including hospital beds for adults and children, operating tables and trolleys for transporting patients – is approx. PLN 150k PLN.

– Each time, on the occasion of the execution of the contract to Ukraine, we provide our products as additional support for distributors. We ask about extra demand for medical equipment and, if possible, try to support hospitals by donating devices. Specific products are selected depending on the reported demand – comments Katarzyna Piątek, sales manager at Famed Żywiec.

The priority of army spending means that the procurement procedures for medical equipment are prolonged and subject to meticulous analysis. There are many needs and the possibilities are limited. A quick response to the dynamically changing situation is possible thanks to the funds received from charitable foundations, both Ukrainian and international. The money donated by the donors is used to purchase and deliver to Ukraine the necessary equipment – operating tables, hospital beds and diagnostic devices. It is very important to support companies that, despite the difficult logistic conditions related to the supply of equipment, take up the challenge and thus support Ukrainian healthcare.

– We are actively working so that, despite the difficult situation, our compatriots can recover in the most comfortable conditions, and doctors can use modern, high-quality equipment. Recently, in cooperation with Famed Żywiec, we have delivered e.g. 27 modern operating tables, which have been installed in several hospitals throughout the country. Despite the difficult logistic conditions and the threat of warfare, the equipment reached where it was most needed – says Ksenia Valter, from Protech Solutions.

To Ukrainian hospitals were delivered universal models of operating tables, the functionality of which was developed so that one copy could be used in every field of surgery. This is a particularly important issue in the current circumstances.

Polish manufacturers involved in the reconstruction of hospital infrastructure

Recently, Famed’s equipment was exhibited during trade fairs held in Ukraine. The events held in Kyiv and Lviv, in which the company from Żywiec participated regularly, were eagerly visited by specialists and representatives of medical facilities. Famed Żywiec applied to participate in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine program organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

The end of the war will improve the situation of the Ukrainian health service, which will certainly be able to count on greater support. We will want to get involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine, the first step of which is participation in the program announced by PAIH. A network of trade and service partnerships, which we constantly maintain, may be helpful in this challengeMarek Suczyk, president of Famed Żywiec sums up.