They support the volunteers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

They support the volunteers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


On Sunday, 31 January, the 29th finale of WOŚP will be held. The headquarters from Węgierska Górka are particularly active in Żywiec district. The attractions planned for that day include rally car rides. During 20 years of its activity, the inhabitants of Żywiec region gave over 800 thousand PLN to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP). Last year 109547.79 was collected.

Volunteers involved in the fundraising for children’s ENT, otolaryngology and head diagnostics wards will be able to have hot drinks and eat warm soup, and this support is provided by Famed Żywiec. This year, the company is playing an exceptionally loud with the Orchestra. It has also donated a modern operating table to the Orchestra. By the decision of the Foundation’s authorities, it will be donated to the pediatric surgery and traumatology ward of Parkitka Hospital in Częstochowa.

– The WOŚP Finale is the biggest event in our area. Local authorities, as well as many private persons, local companies, artists and enthusiasts engage in cooperation with the finale. Our friends donate items for the auctions, help organize them and bid themselves. Everyone who wants to spend a nice time on Sunday is welcome to join us. I believe we will be able to beat last year’s fundraising result – says Urszula Figura, coordinator of WOŚP headquarters in Węgierska Górka.

– The Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity releases a lot of positive energy, and we are happy that we can really support it. This year’s winter is not the coldest, but staying outdoors for a long time it is worth, for the sake of health which we all value so much, to warm up, have a drink or eat something warm from time to time. We thought of this as a way to help the volunteers who get involved for our common good,» says Marta Babiuch, marketing specialist at Famed Żywiec.

The events of this year’s finale will be influenced by the existing restrictions related to the epidemic situation.

– This year we invite you to the Sports and Entertainment Hall, where from 9.00 a.m. the MOTO-Orchestra will be taking place. Nearly 20 drivers invite you to take a ride in rally cars. In the afternoon on the market square in the center of Węgierska Górka there will be handicraft fair and live auction and at 6 p.m. we will release glowing helium balloons – informs Urszula Figura.

Providing hot meals and drinks is not the only way the company supports the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Famed funded a modern operating table – Famed OPTIMA, which will go to a hospital in Częstochowa. It will serve doctors working at the pediatric surgery and traumatology wards. It is equipped with attachments dedicated to those medical specialties.

– Every day we help hospitals by providing medical equipment which makes it possible to treat patients and fight the coronavirus epidemic. Despite the progress in the field of modern equipment, the needs of Polish hospitals are still high. We believe that the operating table we have donated will be an additional brick in the construction of a modern healthcare system and that specialists from the Parkitka hospital will be able to more effectively help small patients recover – adds Marta Babiuch.

In autumn, the company completed a contract for the benefit of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for the delivery of 500 hospital beds with functionality suited to the needs of intensive care units. The equipment was delivered to almost 40 national hospitals in which new wards dedicated to the fight against Covid-19 were created.