The Famed Żywiec operating table is the number 1 in the world

The Famed Żywiec operating table is the number 1 in the world


The world’s best X-ray transmission parameter is characterized by a named flare operating table top. The newest device of the Zywiec Famed is intended for medical imaging and minimally invasive surgery. The reduced dose required for X-ray images increases the safety of both patients and physicians. Maintaining optimal image quality will facilitate interpretation of images, for example, during cardiovascular operations. The annual sales of the operating tables account for an average of 40% of the revenues of one of Europe’s most experienced medical equipment manufacturers.

– I am convinced that our new table will help e.g. to improve the working conditions of surgeons and radiologists who, despite the limited radiation dose, will still enjoy clear, noise-free images. This is crucial because the quality of radiographs increases the chance of making an accurate diagnosis. It is equally important to increase patient and staff safety, which has been achieved by significantly reducing radiation, – Michał Grossy says, product manager of the Famed Żywiec.

The reduction in radiation dose is particularly important in view of the increased risk of radiation-related disease occurrence in doctors and nurses, which is a result of frequent radiation exposure.

The new table of Famed Żywiec was tested in the Grochowski Hospital in Warsaw. During the tests, the team, under the direction of Prof. Dr. hab. n. med. Piotr Kułakowski, carried out a number of cardiac operations and procedures, including the immunization of pacemakers and defibrillators.

– Our comparison experiment confirmed that imaging on the Famed  Flare table required a lower radiation dose than the other operating table model that was the subject of the comparison. Dose reduction is essential for patient and staff safety during procedures, as it reduces the risk of radiation-related disease. What’s important , we have the impression that the reduced table rate parameter and the reduced radiation dose did not interfere with the quality of X-ray images, – Piotr Kułakowski comments ,  of the Department of Cardiology CMPK of Grochowski Hospital in Warsaw.

During the test, the device used for the measurement, the GE Elite C-arm, indicated a dose of 0.0077 Gycm2 for the Famed Flare, and the dose rate for the object of the comparison table to another leading manufacturer was 0.0085 Gycm2.

This result means another 10 percent less radiation for the patient and staff, which in a dozen or so photos taken during a single procedure becomes real,- comments Michał Grossy, product manager of the Famed Żywiec.

The latest live table is designed to facilitate intra-operative imaging and minimally invasive surgery procedures. The range, tilt and height of the tabletop and its maximum load parameters ensure that it is useful for cardiovascular, urology, orthopedic, neurosurgical or spine pain therapy. The table is fully compatible with the C-arm.

Famed Żywiec is GE Healthcare’s leading partner in the distribution of mobile X-ray equipment (C-arms) as an official representative of the U.S. concern on the Polish market. Cooperation in the short term has resulted in a share of about 10% of the C-arm national market.

In the last five years, the sales of the operating tables generated on average around 40 percent of the revenues of Famed. The company’s medical equipment is distributed in 90 countries, including China.

-We are confident that the new technology that will not only make Famed Flare, but all our operating tables have the optimum medical imaging performance will lead to an increase in sales in this product segment,-  Marek Suczyk concludes, Vice President of Famed Żywiec.

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