Innovative solution for shoulder joint arthroscopy from Famed Żywiec

Innovative solution for shoulder joint arthroscopy from Famed Żywiec

Famed Żywiec presents Famed ARTHERO, a premiere system for shoulder surgery that responds to the diverse needs of surgeons and nurses. The system streamlines work by accelerating preparation for surgery and patient positioning, regardless of the individual habits of the medical staff. Its functionality was consulted e.g. with one of the best European specialists in shoulder orthopedics. The premiere of the Famed ARTHERO system takes place on Tuesday, January 31st at 11 AM and 2 PM (GST) at stand S2.A50 in Dubai World Trade Center. Famed ARTHERO is compatible with all operating tables available on the market, including Famed OPTIMA 5.20, a table designed for precision surgery in many fields of medicine.

Modern and technologically advanced medical accessories

A good operating table has value itself, however the essential complement of this product are the appropriate accessories, as they play the role of the same importance during surgery. Reliability, wide adjustment ranges or high speed of service affect the perception of the entire set created by the table and additional equipment.

Famed Żywiec is dynamically developing this segment of the company’s product portfolio, creating tools that ensure better working conditions and greater precision during operations.

The latest example is Famed ARTHERO, a system for shoulder arthroscopy. It was created, among others, in cooperation with M.D. Roman Brzóska, an outstanding specialist and a member of the board of the Shoulder Section of the European Association of Sports Orthopedics, Knee Surgery, and Arthroscopy.

Michał Grossy, product manager at Famed Żywiec explains: “After two years of clinical tests, we are introducing a new system for shoulder joint surgery. We developed Famed ARTHERO in cooperation with world-class surgeons from various countries. Our main goal was to create an accessory that would shorten the time of preparation of the patient and could offer more space for the arthroscope, considering the multitude of surgical methods”.

“Hundreds of hours of doctors’ work observation and discussions with them about the functioning of individual elements led into the final effect which is a solution that facilitates the performance of the procedure, regardless of individual habits. Not only artificial intelligence (AI) or digital technologies allow us to create valuable solutions. Interest in our accessory even before its official premiere is proof of the effectiveness of our activities” he adds.

Famed ARTHERO is made of aluminium and HPL material. The entire structure can be adjusted with the use of a remote control or with the assistance of a gas spring. One of the advantages of the accessory is the possibility of its assembly by one person, which can be achieved thanks to its low weight and applied functional solutions. The tabletop can be equipped with various types of accessories to support the patient’s head, e.g. a unique helmet, designed to meet the needs of a surgeon and an anaesthesiologist.

Famed ARTHERO will be presented for the first time during Arab Health 2023 at stand S2.A50 on Tuesday, 31st of January; 11 AM and 2 PM (GST).