Famed Żywiec maintains suspension of business contacts with Russia

Famed Żywiec maintains suspension of business contacts with Russia

Russian aggression in Ukraine has been ongoing for more than 7 months, and although many companies have decided to withdraw from the aggressor’s territory as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, there are still companies in the world that maintain business relations with the country.

Famed Żywiec had already suspended its operations in the Russian Federation at the beginning of the war in Ukraine and, alongside companies such as KGHM, CCC, Famur and Orlen, decided to focus on developing and strengthening its position in other countries. The step the company has taken brings with it many difficulties, which we have decided to deal with.


– We acted according to our conscience, guided by the higher good. This situation hit our partners directly. It made them very tangibly aware that sanctions are indeed taking place and are not just empty talk, as was expected – says Marek Suczyk, vice president of Famed Żywiec. He adds that all the partners parted ways with the Polish company with the hope of restoring trade relations. At the same time, there were different opinions on the armed conflict, he points out.




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