Famed Żywiec another year in profit and with a perspective of a demand impulse

Famed Żywiec another year in profit and with a perspective of a demand impulse

Sales revenues of over PLN 84 million – which means a 14 percent increase year-on-year – this is the result achieved in 2021 by Poland’s leading medical equipment manufacturer. Famed Żywiec also recorded an increase in net profit and EBIDTA (20 percent year-on-year). – We find the results very satisfying and the prospects for the future very positive, comments Marek Suczyk, vice-president of the Żywiec-based company.

Polish equipment on new markets

The highest growth, over 20%, was recorded by the company on the domestic market. Among the countries to which the manufacturer from Żywiec exports its products, the largest percentage increase in sales value was generated by the markets of developing countries – Algeria, Jordan, Bolivia, Colombia, India and Nepal, as well as the region of Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. the Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus and Ukraine. Emerging markets are Famed’s main target group.

– We are strong in Poland, and conquering new markets and strengthening our position there opens up new opportunities for us. The most important factor, which despite the difficult macroeconomic situation allowed us to achieve an extremely satisfactory result, was the consistent implementation of the action plan taking into account the experience from the first year of the pandemic, when we experienced, among others, jumps in transport costs and fluctuations in the supply of raw materials and components necessary for our production. A skilful reaction to these aspects, which also bothered entrepreneurs in 2021, combined with production flexibility adjusted to changing demand for equipment from particular segments, were the most important to be able to develop in a still unstable reality – comments Marek Suczyk.

– We exceeded the planned budget, both in terms of sales and profitability, growing the company by another dozen or so percent and increasing our productivity – adds Paweł Tomala, Famed’s vice president and financial director.

According to the Vice President of Famed, the recently completed Arab Health fair allows us to look into the future with optimism.

– This event is a litmus test for the condition of the industry, and the large turnout and conversations we had during the last edition clearly show that we should expect a demand stimulus. We are planning further dynamic development –  says Marek Suczyk.

Complexity of solutions is becoming more and more important

Last year, Famed Żywiec increasingly provided its customers with comprehensive solutions. An example is the handling of deliveries to the Wielkopolska Children’s Health Centre, which is being constructed in Poznań. Under the contract Famed delivered to the facility, among others, nearly 200 Famed Nexo beds, some of which will be used for intensive supervision and therapy of older children, equipped with mattresses, numerous accessories and elements to be found in the living rooms.

– When, in 2018, the number of beds delivered to hospitals exceeded the number of operating tables shipped to customers, previously the largest sales volume of our company, it was an extremely symbolic moment for us. This shift highlighted the scale of our potential growth opportunities. Complex solutions, the sales of which we significantly increased in the past year, is another area that will allow us to maintain the growth trend – declares Marek Suczyk.

Europe’s leading manufacturer of medical equipment also continues its cooperation with GE Healthcare, being the exclusive representative of the American concern in Poland in the area of distribution of equipment dedicated to medical imaging.

– Once again, we have proved to GE Healthcare how effective and reliable a business partner we are. I would be tempted to say that we are the best in our part of Europe –  Suczyk says.

Żywiec company achieves good results for another year in a row

– Good management of the company in difficult times is reflected in the results, but above all in new products and expansion into new markets. In the last three years, we have generated sales revenues of nearly PLN 220 million, with an average annual growth rate of 12 percent. Our equipment, including equipment for operating theatres and intensive care units, has already reached 109 countries worldwide. We will certainly not stop there – sums up Marek Suczyk.