Births in the Żywiec region in perfect conditions

Births in the Żywiec region in perfect conditions


Another specialist equipment has been delivered to the seat of the New Hospital in Żywiec. Famed Freya delivery beds and Famed OVO 2 newborn cribs, which will be used in the obstetrics and gynaecology department, have been delivered to the facility by Famed Żywiec. The hospital will offer mothers and their newborns places in delivery rooms and premium rooms.

Patients have single delivery rooms and rooms (with bathrooms and equipment) at their disposal, as well as two rooms for Caesarean sections and anaesthesia and recovery rooms. Famed Freya hospital-birth beds, which are located in the delivery rooms, and Famed OVO 2 newborn cribs were provided by Famed Żywiec. In 2019, 1,418 babies* were born in Zywiec County, including 710 girls (or 50.1 percent) and 708 boys (49.9 percent). The maternity ward of the Zywiec hospital will be the only one of its kind in a county with a population of 150,000. 

– We are happy to contribute our part to equipping this much-awaited facility in the Żywiec region. The opening of the New Hospital in Żywiec will definitely improve the conditions in which the residents of our region will be able to receive care from specialists whose work will be supported by the best medical equipment available on the market,» says Marek Suczyk, Vice President of Famed Żywiec.

Famed FREYA, with its stable – columnar construction, allows you to assume any position during labour and also to rest after delivery without having to change bed. Meeting the requirements for this category of medical products, it can also be used as a hospital bed. Its railings can be lowered below the level of the bed, making it easy to descend. All accessories are attached in a secure and stable way, providing good support during delivery. The bed is manufactured using technologies and materials that reduce the risk of infection – the plastic parts are made from antimicrobial materials using the company’s own pSilver™ technology and the mattresses are made from antimicrobial fabrics.

Famed OVO 2 baby crib is a construction designed primarily with safety in mind. The crib has a playpen made of transparent plastic, which allows you to freely monitor the newborn. This reduces the risk of overlooking a situation that requires urgent intervention of staff. The softness of the mattress foam is optimally matched to the weight of the newborn, and the material of the cover is free of any substances that could irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. Additionally the mattress is completely waterproof. Large castors make it easy to negotiate hospital corridors. They have individual locks for high stability, even when the cot is set at maximum height.

– Modern equipment allows to create completely unique conditions for mother and child. The patient can comfortably rest having her child at her fingertips. Transparent walls ensure constant visual contact. Taking the child in your arms or changing the crib’s position does not require any assistance from the staff,» says Michał Grossy, Famed Żywiec product manager. – Freya can be equipped with graphics on the side rails and tops. A labour ward can be as unique as its guests,» adds Michał Grossy.

The New Hospital in Żywiec is the first county hospital in Poland built completely from the ground up and the first project in our country carried out in the PPP formula. The private investor is Inter Health Canada. The facility has already undergone technical approvals of the National Sanitary Inspection, the National Fire Brigade and the County Building Control Inspectorate. In February of this year, it received an occupancy permit. However, the Covid-19 outbreak halted preparations for its launch, which was originally planned for April. The construction and equipment of the facility will cost 220 million zł. On four floors with an area of about 18 thousand m2, there will be nine hospital wards with 340 beds, as well as 40 long-term care beds.