Bed that kills bacteria. The polish invention will help many sick!

Bed that kills bacteria. The polish invention will help many sick!


The Famed Żywiec company has prod12uced an innovative anti-bacterial hybrid bed that allows patients to protect themselves from infection – from septa and many types of pathogenic micro-organisms. Polish product has the chance to be a successful international one. He has already received recognition from many doctors.

This bed has not been! Poles have fallen to use modern technologies to reduce the risk of infection to which patients with impaired immunity are exposed. For them, effective protection against germs is particularly important.

Intensive care units are particularly exposed to the risk of sepsis development, which, according to World Health Organization data, is dying as many as 30 million people a year. In Poland, a sedog every year contributes to the death of some 25 000 people. Finding a way to combat this problem can change the face of modern medicine.

A modern bed with antibacterial properties, which provides the disease-like bacteriological protection, protects patients not only from septic, but also from many types of bacteria and viruses.

The bed made in Poland is due to its extraordinary performance of silver nano technology, which protects against germs. In addition to the standard functions, they also have options to start intubation quickly, if necessary for the patient. With special sensors, you can monitor the health of a patient and alert personnel in case of an emergency by means of light or audible signals.

The authors of the device hope that their invention will become permanent equipment in many hospitals – not only in Poland but also abroad.

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