Another world record broken by Famed Zywiec

Another world record broken by Famed Zywiec

We are one of the first companies in the world to use carbon fiber for operating tables. Development work in this field has led us to break another world record in operating table top translucency. What this means in practice – greater safety for patients and medical staff during X-ray imaging and better quality of images. It is worth mentioning that another record also belonged to our company, which only proves that we are doing everything to make our products better – safer, more comfortable and more intuitive. This is what the latest version of Famed Flare offers, with a record-low translucency of 0.33mmAI*.

Carbon is the main material we use in operating table design solutions to improve the work of surgeons or radiologists. This breakthrough «technology of tomorrow» responds to the needs of the medical community, not only facilitating medical imaging, but just as importantly improving its safety, which is influenced by the reduction of radiation dose.

The new Famed Flare has managed to reduce it by 8 percent, compared to the previous version of the table. Lowering the translucency parameter allows reducing radiation doses, which is important in view of the increased risk of radiation-related lesions for doctors and nurses.


This small, as it may seem, «saving» is particularly important, among other things, during minimally invasive surgery and angiography procedures, during which up to dozens of X-rays may be taken at a time. Each time this involves exposing the personnel working on the procedure to radiation. At high intensities, the impact of radiation can manifest itself very adversely, and any improvement in parameters means greater safety.

Carbon fiber is less susceptible to crushing or pressure than the standard stainless steel used in components. The use of this material reduces the risk of damage to the components of a mobile X-ray machine used during an operation, where things happen quickly and it can be easy to inadvertently damage valuable equipment.

*Each medical device between the patient and the X-ray machine is a barrier to X-rays, the degree of which is determined by the parameter of translucency, expressed in millimeters Aluminum (mmAl) i.e. aluminum equivalent. An operating table with a parameter of 0.33 represents for the C-arm a barrier in permeability equivalent to 0.33 mm aluminum sheet, according to the specified standard of its design.

** Greek (Gy), a unit of absorbed dose – the amount of radiation energy (in joules) absorbed by a kilogram of matter.