Hospital bed

Famed LE-13

Famed LE-13 is a bed intended for intensive care units (ICU). The bed is based on three stable columns. It is durable, painted using antibacterial varnished paint and equipped with radiolucent segments. The applied columnar base allows for the use of C-arm with the bed.


Famed LE-13 offers side tilts for positioning therapy – they facilitate patient nursing and eliminate factors cumbersome for the medical personnel (e.g. lifting heavier patients, spinal column load).The lateral tilt range is 25°.


Famed LE-13 offers many functions, which facilitate handling: the fifth wheel, steering wheel, integrated weighing system or the option to use the C-arm.


Famed LE-13 ICU bed offers a maximum load capacity of up to 250 kg, reliable drive and control systems. In addition, it features double autoregression, low bed pallet position, four side handrails and easily removable top.


Famed LE-13 ICU bed offers many features that allow you to use it in the processes of diagnoses, monitoring and treatment. Adjust the bed to your needs.
Columnar structure
Multiple control options
X-ray translucent

Columnar structure

The columnar structure facilitates disinfection, guarantees excellent position stability and enables positioning therapy, which is significantly helped by illuminated angular position indicators and a 25° lateral tilt range.

Łóżko kolumnowe na OIT (OIOM) Famed Prodigy 3

Multiple control options

Famed LE-13 bed can be operated using an advanced control panel, a remote control for personnel and control panels built into the handrails. The bed also provides adjustment for the leg segment and foot controllers (optional).

Famed Prodigy 3 – łóżko na OIT (OIOM) – sterowanie

X-ray translucent

The bed pallet is transparent to X-rays, which allows for work with the C-arms. As a result, the patient does not have to be transported for X-rays.

Łóżko współpracujące z ramieniem C – Famed Prodigy 3

The segments of the Famed LE-13 bed pallet are filled with a laminate plate, transparent to X-rays. The chassis with five wheels and a central wheel lock with one steering wheel ensures high mobility. The lateral tilt of the bed pallet allows easy positioning therapy. LE-13, due to its numerous control options, allows you to achieve several positions: shock position, cardiological chair position, Fowler’s position, and examination position.



Most LE-13 bed positions can be adjusted electrically. Discover the full functional range of the bed.
Trendelenburg position
Reverse-Trendelenburg position
Fowler's position
Cardiological chair position
Lateral tilt

Trendelenburg position

Trendelenburg inclination is 15°

Famed Prodigy 3 – Pozycja Trendelenburga

Reverse-Trendelenburg position

Famed LE-13 bed is capable of adopting reverse-Trendelenburg position with 13° inclination.

Łóżko na OIT z pozycją anty-Trendelenburag – Famed Prodigy 3

Fowler's position

Fowler’s position – Famed LE-13 bed (backrest up to 70°).

Łóżko na OIT (OIOM) Famed Prodigy 3

Cardiological chair position

Cardio chair position

Łóżko na OIT (OIOM) Famed Prodigy 3 – Cardiological chair position

Lateral tilt

Lateral tilts of 25° allow for the realisation of the placement therapy.

Łóżko na OIT (OIOM) Famed Prodigy 3 – Przechył boczny

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Length 2280 mm
Width (overall) 990 mm
Minimum height 485 mm
Maximum height 885 mm
Back rest segment inclination 70°
Thigh rest segment inclination 43°
Trendelenburg position 15°
Reverse-Trendelenburg position 13°
Maximum load 250 kg

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