Hospital bed

Famed LP-02.1 bed is intended for hospitals, spas and rehabilitation facilities. It can be used in the course of diagnosing, monitoring and treatment of patients. The bed pallet is made of paint coated steel.


Famed LP-02.1 is a simple bed that will give you peace of mind. Our Żywiec plant has been striving to offer products providing this effect since 1947. You can be sure of the product you are purchasing. The laboratory takes care of every phase of production and the final product passes through two quality control stations.


Choose the colour for the head and foot boards and adjust the bed to your facility’s interiors. Provide patients with a good reception of their surroundings during their hospital stay.


The bed can be supplied with a 2000 x 840 x 120 mm foam mattress with a waterproof vapour permeable cover. All mattresses are sewn by our staff with many years of experience, and they also undergo a meticulous, multi-stage inspection in the quality department.

Colour variants to choose from
Famous quality - straight from Żywiec, Poland
Wheels with locking system
Safe, foldable siderails
Backrest adjustment:


Trust the tradition dating back to 1947. Production in Poland, in Żywiec - by renowned and experienced staff.
Bed pallet made of high quality steel
Comfort for the back
The colour of head and foot boards

Bed pallet made of high quality steel

The bed pallet is made of paint coated steel. The bed pallet infill is made of fixed welded steel mesh. The high quality of welds is guaranteed by meticulous quality control. We have been working with our steel suppliers for decades. Check it!

Famed LP-02.1 – Łóżko rehabilitacyjne o wysokiej jakości

Comfort for the back

The bed features an adjustable backrest segment with a ratchet mechanism. It has been installed in our beds for years and has proven itself in tens of thousands of beds.

Famed LP-02.1 – Łóżko rehabilitacyjne o wysokiej jakości

The colour of head and foot boards

The boards are made of chrome plated steel. They are finished with laminate plate, choose its colour from our palette! Do you want to additionally decorate them with graphics to create your institution’s branding? Contact us

Famed LP-02.1

The bed pallet is made of paint coated steel. The bed pallet infill is made of the fixed welded steel mesh. The version on castors is equipped with bumpers protecting against impact against the walls of rooms during movement.



Equip the bed to suit your needs
Painted side rails
Non-standard mattress
Hand grip
Drip hanger

Painted side rails

Choose a high-quality varnish instead of chrome plating.

Non-standard mattress

A foam mattress in a water-proof vapour-permeable cover.

Hand grip

Equip your Famed LP-02.1 bed with a hand grip. It will increase the bed’s functionality and provide comfort to the patient.

Drip hanger

Equip your bed with a drip hanger.

Are you interested in LP-02.1?

Contact us and discuss the opportunity of hospital bed testing. To touch is to believe. Let us demonstrate our long-time experience and the highest quality.

Length 2190 mm
Width (overall) 965 mm
Minimum height 500 mm
Maximum height 500 mm
Back rest segment inclination 70°
Thigh rest segment inclination
Trendelenburg position
Reverse-Trendelenburg position
Maximum load 170 kg

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