A Żywiec company wants to conquer Canada and the United States

A Żywiec company wants to conquer Canada and the United States


Famed, one of the oldest medical equipment manufacturers in Poland, is creating a new brand and introducing it to the US and Canada. The company plans to generate 30 percent of its revenues in five years.

The partner of Famed will be Oakworks Medical, the manufacturer and distributor of rehabilitation equipment. The Żywiec company will offer its products in North America under the IMS brand, the Inspirrit Medical Solutions, which was created with an American partner. Oakworks Medical has nearly 40 years of experience in the medical industry.

– I am sure that cooperation will benefit both sides. Our partner expands its product offering, while Famed is supported to register and meet U.S. standards for medical equipment, as well as a comprehensive distribution network. Because of the strict certification procedures that apply to medical equipment in the USA, we consider marketing our products as a confirmation of their quality and reliability –Tomasz Rycak says, President of the board of Famed Żywiec.

75 percent of foreign market incomes

In the United States, the sale of medical, pharmaceutical or food products is subject to the control of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each product must be approved as complying with the registration requirements and without such confirmation its sale in the United States is illegal. Initially, the IMS product line offers m.in. operating tables, gynecological and treatment seats, hospital beds, patient carts and delivery beds.

– IMS products combine the technical and reliability of Famed products with excellent customer service for Oakworks Solutions. “We are extremely pleased that we can bring this proven and competitive medical equipment to the markets of the United States and Canada,-  Rich Shuman says, President of Oakworks Solutions.

In 2016 Famed had almost 75 percent of revenues from foreign markets.

– The US market remains one of the main areas of development for us. We expect that, through our partnership with Oakworks Medical, we will be able to achieve a significant volume of sales, which in the next five years will be as much as a third of our global revenue structure. Of course, we do not neglect the other key markets for us. ‘We hope that the effect of strengthening the world presence of the famous Famed products will be even better than the recent financial results,- Tomasz Rycak says.

Article source: https://bielskobiala.wyborcza.pl/bielskobiala/7,88025,21934567,zywiecka-firma-chce-podbic-kanade-i-stany-zjednoczone.html 

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