Famed SU-07 imaging table with carbon fibre top in TotalClear™ technology – intended for vascular surgery procedures, endoscopy and other surgical procedures that require patient monitoring.
SU-07 also facilitates precise patient positioning (floating top), significant longitudinal travel and perfect radiolucency characteristics. The device guarantees ideal conditions for minimally invasive surgery.


The SU-07 table top has the radiolucency parameter value of 1.12 mmAl. It has been primarily designed to work in the TotalClear™ system, which reduces interferences and artefacts on X-ray images. The table top does not have any crossbeams. It is made of a uniform carbon plate with 360° translucency.


The table top is equipped in electro-mechanically driven longitudinal, transverse and diagonal travel – with the option of precise positioning thanks to the two-step speed control. The mechanism reacts to the orders from remote control regardless of top load.


Lateral tilt, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg inclination, height change and top levelling are executed by means of electro-hydraulic system powered from batteries and started using a wired bbSafe™ remote control or wireless rCover™ remote control.

Radiolucency of 1,12 mmAL, interference reduction system
Rail for the assembly of accessories
Remote control interface
Base with wheels and retractable footrests
Footrest lifting/lowering
Thick and comfortable mattress


Radiolucency is not the most important parameter, which determines the imaging table quality. Check the quality of our TotalClear™ technology!
Table top made of TotalClear™ carbon fibre
Floating top
Resistant to damage
High quality fCharge ™ battery cells

Table top made of TotalClear™ carbon fibre

TotalClear™ is the effect of years of designing prototype carbon fibre tops, experiments with numerous types of fibres and their arrangement. As a result, the final structure and direction of fibre arrangement in TotalClear™ system allows for the reduction of the number of artefacts on images.

Stół do obrazowania Famed SU-07

Floating top

Floating top in SU-07 device makes it possible to choose the location of X-ray application, offering freedom of table top movement and full range of radiolucency: 360° along the distance of 1500 mm from the patient’s head.

Stół z blatem pływającym

Resistant to damage

The table surfaces are very easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants. The table is made of acid resistant stainless steel with matt surface and very high rust protection parameter. Additionally, the manner of fibre tension in TotalClear™ technology decreases the risk of composite layer damage.


High quality fCharge ™ battery cells

All battery cells powering Famed Żywiec products are carefully selected from a reliable supplier we have been cooperating with for many years. Each fCharge™ battery cell undergoes inspection at an external company, then goes through multiple tests at several technology departments of our factory. The fCharge™ fast charging technology charger used in our products allows for quick supply of the necessary amount of electricity to carry out the first treatments. A minimum of several dozen guaranteed full work cycles ensures safety in the course of performing every medical procedure.


TotalClear™ is the effect of years of designing various prototype carbon fibre tops, experiments with types of fibres and their arrangement. Due to extensive research in a professional measuring institute, the final structure and direction of fibre arrangement in TotalClear™ system allows for the reduction of the number of artefacts on images. As a result, the risk of misdiagnosis based on imaging is reduced to the minimum. The tabletop made with the use of TotalClear™ technology not only has a very good translucency parameter of 1.12 mmAl (aluminium equivalent), but above all it helps obtain images that are very clear and free from distortions. It ensures diagnostic reliability and the certainty of your every move. The table top made in TotalClear™ technology does not have any crossbeams (frameless structure). It is made of a uniform carbon plate with 360° translucency.



Depending on the intended application, you can choose from two basic types of TotalClear ™ table tops
TotalClear™ BL-07.7 top
TotalClear™ BL-07.6 top

TotalClear™ BL-07.7 top

Length 2200 mm, width 540 mm, rectangular, with a face hole.

Blat z włókien węglowych BL-07.7

TotalClear™ BL-07.6 top

Length 2200 mm, width 540 mm, rounded front.


The table top itself can be supplemented with special add-ons (also made of carbon fibre). Ask your Sales Representative about them.



High quality images obtained using TotalClear ™ technology allows us to use a thicker mattress than our competitors. It provides your patients with more comfort!

The mattress used in the Famed SU-07 operating table has a polyurethane structure and is manufactured in our factory in Żywiec. It is sewn by hand by people with decades of experience, then it undergoes meticulous control in two laboratory departments of our factory. The mattress used in the SU-07 table is antistatic and it is made of memory foam. It is manufactured in anti-bedsore technology, and its coating is very pleasant for the skin. The mattress is resistant to the corrosive activity of disinfectants. Are you interested in SU-07 device?


Are you interested in SU-07?

You do not have to take our word for it. Test the imaging table with TotalClear™ technology in your facility. Check our quality and the available accessories.

Length 2200 mm
Width (overall) 540 mm
Minimum height 800 mm
Maximum height 1200 mm
Back rest segment inclination -
Thigh rest segment inclination 16°
Trendelenburg position -
Reverse-Trendelenburg position 25°
Maximum load 180 kg

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